5-7 Year Old Language Skills Study

Specific language impairment (SLI), also known as Developmental language disorder, is a common type of language delay. Children with SLI have trouble with grammar and vocabulary. These problems can affect their academic and social skills both now and in the future.

We are interested in how a child’s language skills might be related to their ability to hear rhythms in music and to their other thinking and listening skills. We invite 5-7-year-old children with language delays to participate in our study.

Children will be asked to:
-Respond to tests of their language, hearing, and musical abilities.
-Sit still and listen to sounds and play computer games while wearing a damp stretchy cap.
-Spit into a cup

Participant Criteria
5-7 -year-old children with language delay/language impairment

$150 in gift cards (a $30 gift card for a screening visit and a $60 gift card each completed study visit)

Results of standardized testing will be provided at no cost.

Visit Requirements
One screening visit and two 3-hour study visits within one month’s time

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