5 Fast Facts on Autism

Everyone in the Autism Tennessee community is experiencing a different season of their autism journey. You may have just learned you or your child has some form of autism. You may be an employer who recently hired an adult on the spectrum. Or, you may be comfortably living in the everyday dynamics of living with someone with autism.

Here are a few fast facts about autism:

1. While many people believe Autism exists only in childhood and can be “outgrown” Autism is present across the lifespan. Many individuals on the spectrum can learn to deal quite successfully as adults with the challenges of their autism, though those challenges may always be present.

2. In the 1950s, Autism was blamed on “refrigerator mothers,” or mothers who did not love or show affection to their children. That myth has long been dismissed and proves how very far we’ve come in the world of autism research.

3. Medical costs for children with an ASD are four to six times higher than medical costs for children without an ASD.

4. Boys are five times more likely than girls to have ASDs.

5. While, there is no known “cure” for autism, intensive therapy (as early on as possible) helps a child learn a wide range of skills such as making eye contact, showing affection, and having partial or full conversations.

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