A Prospective Lander, Jeanne Buckman

Jeanne BuckmanShared from Springboard Landings November newsletter:
A Prospective Lander, Jeanne Buckman
It was summer 2008 and I had just received my diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, at the age of 30. I was returning home from Atlanta where the diagnosis had been made without a clue as to what to do next. I had crashed and burned out of a nursing job just prior to going to Atlanta for ten weeks for therapy and to find out what in the world was “wrong” with me. Now I had a name for it, Asperger’s Syndrome. My whole world got
turned upside down and I was sure I was somehow defective. What was I going to do? Was I ever going to be self confident again?
Upon arriving in Tennessee, we immediately hooked up with the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee, now known simply as Autism Tennessee. One of the parent reps at the time directed us to a lady named Dena. She became my first coach. Because she understood how the brain works differently in folks on the spectrum, she was able to help me obtain disability income. For that, one looks A LOT at what CAN’T be done.
Then Gina came into my life. She was my next coach. With Gina, it was all about the CANs. “What are you awesome at?” she would ask. Sometime during my work with Dena, Gina had been called into consult. Our family, Dena, Gina, and my sweetheart Jeff had all sat down to look at where I was, who my support system was, and where I wanted to be. Two years later, Gina was back in the picture, this time leading out in an employment group for ladies with disabilities. Much progress was made in how to present yourself in the best light to an employer. The
question, “What are you awesome at?” was answered with a whole long list of things!
When Gina had to step out of the picture and close down the employment group, she handed me off to Dr. Stewart, who had been part of the employment group fairly often. Dr. Stewart knew me well at that point and he and I then embarked on the journey from there. My time with him has been invaluable! He is very understanding and informed about people who have my particular brain difference. He can explain anything to me and me to anybody else. He has been an unrelenting encourager and problem solver. In August of 2015, Dr. Stewart got the news that I had passed the certification exam for my skin and wound care specialty and started crying.
So I have gone from someone who was sure she was defective to someone who knows she’s just different and that’s wonderful! I started out as someone who was totally unsure of herself and I’m now comfortable in my own skin. In 2008 I would have never dreamed that I’d return to nursing, let alone as a specialist! I’m now working with a job coach to find employment in home health.


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