Angels Among Us

Parents of children with autism often are the brunt of stares, nasty comments and unnecessary and misguided advice, especially when they are dealing with the general public and their child is having a not-so-good day.  It’s heartwarming, then, when a perfect stranger acknowledges what we should all know in our hearts…that we are doing the best that we can for our kids and that we ARE good parents!

I wanted to share one such experience which I came across on a Facebook page I’m on.  I hope it gives you as much joy as it did me.  We all need to acknowledge the angels among us!  Thank you to Mary Leslie Pitt for allowing me to share this with you…

“I just wanted to share this. I was with Liam in a home goods store. He was having a really tough day. He was making loud noises, climbing in and out of the cart/displays, throwing merchandise…and just generally tantrumming. I was getting many shocked looks and wagging heads. One lady commented “you sure do have your hands full”. So, when a well dressed and groomed woman approached and said ” I just want to let you know you are an amazing mother” I blurted out “he has autism”. She looked at me and I noticed her eyes were red. She said ” whether he has autism or not, you are a great mom and I just wanted to tell you that” I was stunned and stammered ” what do you mean?” she replied ” I NEVER see anyone parent like that…so rarely. You walked away and calmly told him that you would speak to him when he was calm. You didn’t engage with him. Then when he calmed down you got down on his level and made eye contact and explained to him why his behavior was not appropriate. He is very lucky to have you” I was floored and my eyes welled up with tears. I told her thank you, and that it really means so much to me as the day before he was given his final diagnosis and I was having a hard time. I touched her shoulder and she walked away. Then Liam had to poop… In a public place. I managed to get him past the aisle with a tricycle …and into the bathroom. He was pooping and trying to stick his hands in the water to touch it, trying to stand up mid poop, opening and closing the tampon receptacle…it took a long time. We finally made it out and I got him through hand washing ” first we get soap, then we scrub, etc” I looked over and there was the same woman! She stepped forward and said, ” i don’t want you to think I am stalking you or anything. I just want to give you this, it is a gift card with 100 dollars on it. You are such a great mom and I want you to have this” I started shaking and tearing up. I told her “you are an angel” she said ” no you are an angel, merry Christmas” I wish I had asked her name. I will never forget her kindness…it seemed that God sent her just as I was feeling my lowest to let me know it would be ok. I just had to share this…it is amazing how much one person can impact your life. I kept the now empty card as a reminder.”

Posted by Carolyn Shindler

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