Autism Spectrum Disorder and Worship in the Local Church

I’m working on a doctoral research project related to Autism Spectrum Disorder and worship in the local church. The goal of the research is to produce accommodation suggestions worship planners can implement to make communal worship more inclusive to people with ASD and their caregivers. Part of this research is the collecting of worship experiences through surveys.

There are 2 surveys:
1) people with ASD and their caregivers
2) people who work with those who have ASD

This survey only asks for their experiences related to worship. The surveys don’t collect names or email addresses. They are completely anonymous. I won’t know who filled out the surveys. I’ll only have their responses to questions.

Links to both surveys and a little information about the project is at:

Is sharing these surveys to groups you think are appropriate something you can help with? I’d love to speak with you about this if you have any questions or concerns.

Reverend Trip Lowery
Director of Young Adult Ministry Discernment and Enlistment
Division of Ordained Ministry
General Board of Higher Ed. and Ministry
The United Methodist Church
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