Autism Tennessee helped me…..

We hear that refrain often at the Autism Tennessee office. It makes us feel powerful, like we are making a difference, one heart at a time. Below is a story chosen to share this holiday season because its just what we do. Its not sensational. Its not commercialized. Its not exaggerated. Its is simply a beautiful story of hope that says to us, “this is why we are here.”

Melissa’s Story:

Six years ago, I was settling into my son’s autism diagnosis when I was suddenly uprooted from Atlanta to Nashville. I had no idea where to start and no family or friends to help me. I was terrified to move. 

I googled “autism in Nashville” and wrote down the number for Autism Tennessee. I called and said something about having a child with Asperger but not autism. She chuckled with a kindness in her voice and replied “Get a pen and something to write on.” I grabbed an old envelope and began writing. Before I knew it, that envelope was completely full of information and resources. But mostly, it was full of hope. 

I think I thanked her six times before finally hanging up! 

That phone call was light in a darkened room. Every call I made from my notes on that envelope was another light. In just a few months, I had built what took years to build in Atlanta. I will never forget the difference that call to Autism Tennessee made in my life. It gave me courage and hope.

There are over 35,000 individuals with autism in Middle Tennessee. We want to be part of the story for each of them. Please share this blog and our Facebook posts to help us spread hope and light the way forward.

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