Tennessee Autism Awareness Specialty License Plate

The Autism Awareness license plate was a project launched by four Tennessee mothers with children on the autism spectrum.  In order for the plate to be printed, we had to presell 1,000.

We have completed our project!  We have pre-sold the required 1,000 license plates and will now submit the names and payments to the state! Thank you to everyone who purchased a plate and helped to spread the word! 


Here’s what happens next:

According to the state, it should take approximately 4-6 months for the plates to be produced.  When they are done, you will receive a letter from the State letting you know that your plate is ready and where you should pick it up.  It does not matter how this does or does not match up with your registration renewal; the County Clerk will prorate all fees and your new plate will expire a year from the date you pick it up. Don’t worry!  If you didn’t pre-order your plate, it will be available to everyone in 4-6 months during your annual tag renewal.  (For more information, see below for our Frequently Asked Questions.)

All of us at Autism Tennessee, ASMS, and the Autism Society of East TN could not be more excited!  We look forward to seeing this plate on our cars all across the state!  Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen!!

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 The funds from the license plate sales will be split between Autism Tennessee, Autism Society of America – East Tennessee Chapter, and the Autism Society of the Mid-South, serving West Tennessee.  All three organizations provide support, education, and advocacy for families living with autism.

Special thanks to Senator Jack Johnson and Representative Steve McManus for sponsoring the legislation creating the Autism Awareness specialty license plate! Special thanks to Lora Resha and Mary Sweeney for designing this beautiful plate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until I receive the plate I ordered?
A: It will take the State of Tennessee anywhere from 4-6 months to produce the plates and notify each purchaser that their plate is available.

Q: How do I get a plate if I was not one of the 1,000 to pre-order?
A: In approximately 4-6 months, this plate will become available in the list of specialty plate options.  At your next tag renewal date, you will have the option of purchasing the plate for an additional $35 on top of your regular renewal fees.

Q: How much does a plate cost?
A: Plates are $35 annually. This fee is on top of your regular tag renewal fees.

Q: How will I know when my plate is ready?
A: The State will notify you by mail when your plate has been received and is ready for you to pick up at your local County Clerk’s office.

Q: How will I receive my plate?
A: The State will notify you by mail when your plate has been received and is ready for you to pick up at your local County Clerk’s office.

Q: If I have recently renewed and then receive the letter that my plate is ready, do I have to pay to get new tags for the new plate?
A: If you still have time left on your current plate and tags when you receive notification that your Autism specialty plate is ready, then the fee will be prorated.  Your tags will be renewed for another year, and your new Autism specialty plate will expire one year from the time you pick up your plate.  For example:  If you renewed your tags in March and your new plate is ready in September, half of the money you paid to renew your tags in March will go toward your new plate.  You will only pay for half a year and your new annual renewal will take place in September.

Q: How much does it cost each year to keep the plate?
A: The Autism Awareness specialty license plate annual fee is $35, in addition to regular annual plate and registration charges. You can make the decision on an annual basis if you would like to purchase the plate.

Q: How much money goes to Autism Tennessee, the Autism Society of America -East TN Chapter, and the Autism Society of the Mid-South?
A: These three organizations will receive $17.50 of the $35 annually to be used to support, educate, advocate, and raise public awareness about Autism in TN. 100% of these funds will remain in Tennessee.

Q: Can I personalize my plate?
A: Not for the first two years that this plate is available. After the plate has been minted and added to the Tennessee plate list, personalization for any license plate in the state of Tennessee requires an additional fee. Making any specialty plate personalized increases the fees for that plate by an additional $70. Once your Autism Awareness specialty plate is produced and you receive your notice, if you want it personalized, you must complete and mail an Application for Tennessee Personalized License Plate with the $70 fee indicated on the application.

If you have any additional questions, please send to admin@autismtn.org.


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