Driving in Virtual Reality

The purpose of the study is to learn more about how our bodies respond to playing video games and what that tells us about feelings.

You and your child will come to Vanderbilt for two visits. At the visit, you will answer some questions about your child’s ASD symptoms.

Your child will wear small, safe stick-on sensors that measure heart rate, temperature, and muscle contractions while playing an interactive virtual reality computer game. The session should take about 60 minutes.

What is involved?:

  • Up to two 1-hour sessions at Vanderbilt
  • Caregivers will be asked to complete two questionnaires
  • Children will play a driving game

Participant Criteria

13-20 year olds with autism spectrum disorder


Child will receive a $35 gift card per visit

Visit Requirements

1 visit to Vanderbilt University


Download Brochure

Contact Information

Amy Swanson, M.A.
(615) 322-6533

To register for the study, go to:  http://vkc.mc.vanderbilt.edu/StudyFinder/403

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