Family Views on Quality of Life and Intellectual Disability

To all parents with a son or daughter with intellectual disability of any age!
The Disability Research Program at Wheaton College, in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, invites you participate in an anonymous survey to help understand and improve the quality of life for families impacted by intellectual disability. They are inviting hundreds of parents across Illinois and Tennessee to share their views and they want you to take part! Forty parents will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card for completing the survey. Also, they will use what they learn to create a free guide for all families who participate, as well as the organizations that serve them. More information available at the following website:

How can you participate in this research project?
If you are the parent or primary caregiver/legal guardian of an individual with an intellectual disability of any age you can take the online version of the survey by clicking on the link: (or copying it into a web browser). However, if you desire a print version of the survey, please send an e-mail to Thomas Boehm at, call him at (630) 752-5937, or send the following information by mail: Your Name, E-mail, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Telephone #. You can mail this information to: Thomas Boehm, Education Dept., 501 College Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187-5593.Research Study Flyer

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