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Hey there! Its Babs. Often when I’m lost in the world of autism, I read some of my favorite blogs. I read about their heartache & hope and just knowing I’m not alone makes it all ok.  I wanted to share one that made me smile because its true- parenting is NOT for wimps.

Since I started at Autism Tennessee I’ve been fortunate to get to know Tammy and Morgan. Tammy is a super-hero mom and has agreed to share her story with you in a guest blog post later this week.

“Balls Fall”

Early on in my mom journey, I remember being impressed with a veteran mom who seemed to have it all together.  She laughed and said, “All the balls are in the air.”  Now that I’ve had a few years of practice, juggling everyone’s calendars and clocks, I realize why she had a sense of humor.  She knew, eventually, one of those balls was bound to fall.  I just dropped one last week.  I had the right time for our appointment. Even showed up early, feeling very prepared.  Problem was I had the wrong day.  ;-/ The fact is, despite our best efforts, sometimes Balls Fall.  If we’re lucky, we can catch them on the bounce. But some will roll away, never to be seen again.  That’s OK.  😉  Being human is part of being human, even when you’re a mom.  As Morgan would say, “We can always try again.”


Above is a shot of our family, holding each other up, on Allison’s wedding day.  Left to right; Rudy, myself, Allison, Morgan, Mamaw, and Papaw.  This was one of those rare perfect days when “all the balls were in the air”. 😉

Parenthood is NOT for wimps.  There are blessings AND challenges.  Having a healthy sense of humor is imperative.  There was a time when I was really hard on myself.  Whenever I made a mistake, I wanted to pick up my ball, and go home.  Learning to forgive my goof ups, and even have a good laugh at myself, has been a gift to my family and myself.    The book below, co-authored with my daughter, Morgan, is a collection of her quotable quotes and family photo -moments.  She has an unfiltered way of stating what’s on her mind.  We put together 52 Blue Mondays to give your family a few smiles, and some encouragement to get through those less than perfect days.  It’s available on Amazon.  A portion of every sale goes to support Autism Tennessee.

52 Blue Mondays Book Cover Print

Until Next Time,

Know The Hope!

Tammy and Family


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