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Will You Be My Friend? Even If I Am Different from You – Duck Ponder Series

Will You be My Friend even IF I am different from you?" is the first book in the Duck Ponder Series.  This book was originally written as a reference/photograph book for the author's granddaughters but quickly metamorphosed into a message of respecting the differences in others. Based on the second…
Categories: , , , , . Format: . Published in April 10, 2013.Authored by Patty Keith.

Visual Strategies for Improving Communication

This valuable new book describes numerous strategies to enhance communication interactions for students who experience autism and other moderate to severe communication disorders. This is a how-to book, designed to assist teachers, SLP's and parents in devising solutions to the communication and self-management challenges that are common to these students.…
Categories: . Format: . Published in 1995.Authored by Linda A. Hodgdon.

Visual Supports to Enhance Communicaton for Children with ASD

This is a DVD recording of Autism Tennessee's Visual Supports to Enhance Communicaton for Children with ASD Workshop that was held on March 26, 2009.
Categories: . Format: . Published in 3/26/09.Authored by Beth Cannistraci and Kayla Jackson.

Visual Thinking of a Person with Autism

Perhaps one of the most noted high-functioning individuals with autism in the world, Temple Grandin, Ph.D. is an active speaker around the world on autism and the author of two books, Emergence: Labled Autistic and Thinking in Pictures. In addition to her career designing livestock handling systems, she has helped…
Categories: . Format: . Published in 1999.Authored by Dr. Temple Grandin.

The New Language of Toys: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Many young children with special needs experience language delays and need additional help to build language skills. What better way to encourage communication development than through play? The completely updated third edition of The New Language of Toys, a perennial favorite of parents, speech-language pathologists, and early interventionists, offers a…
Categories: . Format: . Published in 1996.Authored by Sue Schwartz, Ph.D. and Joan E. Heller Miller, M. Ed..

Teaching Spontaneous Communication to Autistic and Developmentally Handicapped Children

This book presents a communication curriculum designed to provide methods for assessing and teaching communication skills to students with autism and related disorders. These materials have been tested extensively under the director of TEACCH.
Categories: . Format: . Published in 1989.Authored by Linda Watson, Catherine Lord, Bruce Schaffer, and Eric Schopler.

The American Sign Language Phrase Book

This is the reference guide to everyday expressions in American Sign Language, providing the quickest way to converse with people who are deaf or hearing impaired.
Categories: . Format: . Published in 1994.Authored by Lou Fant.

The Classroom and Communication Skills Program-Practical Strategies for Educating Young Children with Autism Spectrum and other Developmental Disabilities in the Public School Setting

Megan Ahlers and Colleen Zillich openly share their experience in the classroom and how they developed the CCSP. Created in response to the frustrations of young students attempting to adjust to the classroom, the Classroom and Communications Skills Program is based on the authors' shared belief that the least restrictive…
Categories: . Format: . Published in 2008.Authored by Megan Ahlers, M.S. and Colleen Hannigan Zillich, CCC-SLP .

Teaching Conversation to Children with Autism: Scripts and Script Fading

Describes scripts that parents and teachers can use to help children learn to initiate conversation, thereby improving communication. Drs. McClannahan and Krantz
Categories: . Format: . Published in 2005.Authored by Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph.D. and Patricia J. Krantz , Ph.D. .

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