How Baby Siblings of Children with Autism Respond to Sights, Sounds, Touch, and Movement

The Woynaroski Lab at Vanderbilt University is currently looking for participants!

Would you like to help us learn more about younger siblings of children with autism?
We need your help if:
• You are the parent of a child with autism
• And your child with autism has a younger sibling who is 4-18 months old
• You’d like more information about your younger child’s development

The purpose of our study is to investigate how baby siblings of children with autism respond to sights, sounds, touch, and movement may help us understand early development and autism risk. Younger siblings will receive standardized developmental and language testing when they enter the study and at the follow-up visit. They will receive a psychological assessment for autism at the final visit, including a formal written report of testing results, recommendations and referrals, at no cost. 

For information contact:
Sarah Bowman
(912) 856-4993




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