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Autism Tennessee is proud to have a vast network of professionals within the field of autism at our disposal. We maintain a consulting program, AutismTN LINK, to assist organizations and families with accessing the most appropriate professionals. Whatever your needs, we have a professional with specific training, expertise, and licensure (when applicable) available to assist you in working with and understanding individuals with autism and their families.

Let us do the legwork for you! It is our pleasure to identify and connect you with the AutismTN LINK consultant best suited to assist you. An AutismTN LINK representative will contact you once your request has been reviewed to discuss your needs more thoroughly. We will then guide you through the process--from start to finish--of connecting you with a qualified consultant (vetted by Autism TN) to work with you to accomplish the goals outlined.

If you are unsure whether you need or can afford AutismTN LINK consultation services, please don't hesitate to reach out and just ask--and asking is always FREE!

Examples of AutismTN LINK Consulting Projects:

  • *A family wanting to convert a space at home into a suitable home preschool setting may be paired with an AutismTN LINK special education teacher 
  • *A school wanting to create a school-wide Positive Behavior Support Strategy may be paired with an AutismTN LINK behavior analyst to create a school-wide strategy and train teachers and staff in implementation
  • *A church wanting to convert a classroom space into a sensory-friendly setting may be paired with an AutismTN LINK occupational therapist
  • *A Spanish-speaking family with a teenager on the spectrum wanting to create a transition to adulthood plan may be paired with a AutismTN LINK Spanish-speaking social worker
  • *A community law-enforcement agency wanting to provide their officers with an annual workshop on Autism may be paired with an AutismTN LINK police officer
  • *Contact us below to tell us about your unique project needs today! 

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100% of donations stay in Middle Tennessee to provide Support, Education, and Advocacy for the autism community. 
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