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Are you an individual on the autism spectrum attending post-secondary school?

Captain Spectrum's Be Kind Scholarship

Support this scholarship by giving today to encourage and support young men and women to continue Captain Spectrum’s legacy!

Captain Spectrum's Be Kind Scholarship
Scholarship Applications due March 31, 2022
Scholarship Awarded on April 30, 2022

Captain Spectrum's Be Kind Scholarship upholds the legacy of Captain Spectrum's creators Chris and Curtis Miller. Chris Miller, a young man with autism, created Captain Spectrum to help teach people to be kind and to encourage friendships including those with disabilities. With his brother, Curtis Miller's help, they created a superhero persona and content to end bullying by teaching about kindness while giving kids on the autism spectrum courage and self-confidence. When Chris Miller's life tragically ended in February 2021, AutismTN partnered with the Miller family to ensure Chris and Curtis's efforts to decrease bullying and increase courage would continue. AutismTN believes that there are many teens and adults on the autism spectrum who demonstrate kindness and work tirelessly to fight bullying and encourage developing friendships. In partnership with Captain Spectrum, we recognize and honor the legacy of Chris Miller with a Post-Secondary Educational Scholarship.

We encourage individuals who meet the following criteria to apply.

1) Applicant will be a person on the autism spectrum

2) Applicant will be seeking a post-secondary opportunity at a university, community college, or vocational technical school

3) Applicant will secure two letters of recommendation. One letter of recommendation should be from a high school faculty member familiar with the applicant. One letter of recommendation should be from a community leader familiar with the applicant.

4) Applicant will submit a two page essay, or 5 minute video with their application that responds to the following prompt question.
                      What are some reasons you want to continue your education and what would you like to learn that will help you make the world a kinder place?


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