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College Ambassador

The purpose of the Autism Tennessee College Ambassador Program is to directly support the mission of Autism Tennessee, within their college community. Ambassadors commit to educating their community about autism so that people in college communities can make an informed decision to create communities that are inclusive for all. Ambassadors pledge to offer their diverse skills, talents and experiences as volunteers with Autism Tennessee to help increase awareness about the lack of community resources for students with autism and to help increase funding sources for Autism Tennessee.

College Ambassador Expectations

Our College Ambassadors are a vital component of our community education program, ensuring that thousands of students on college campuses learn about autism and Autism Tennessee. In order to maintain a successful program, we ask that every college ambassador meet the following expectations:

• Provide a positive and accurate representation of autism and the mission of Autism Tennessee in every presentation or activity;

• Adhere to College Ambassador policies as directed by the Outreach Coordinator;

• Coordinate all activities with the Outreach Coordinator;

• Fulfill all commitments and provide adequate notice for scheduling changes;

• Arrive at scheduled presentations and activities on time and stay within established presentation time frame;

• Be audience-focused and respect the needs of the hosting organization;

• Direct people to call our offices for additional information and resources when you are unsure of how to answer a specific question;

• Maintain confidentiality;

• Attend Autism Tennessee College Ambassador training;

• Organize at least one event each semester.

College Ambassador Opportunities

Our College Ambassadors are charged with increasing awareness and acceptance of autism, and Autism Tennessee within their campus community. This may involve requests by Autism Tennessee for Ambassadors to set up and man a booth at a college event, attend Disability Day on the Hill, speak with a variety of student audiences, and self-directed opportunities.

We will help provide resources and materials, as available, for ambassadors to implement their own community opportunities in coordination with the Ambassador Coordinator. Opportunities may include:


Ambassadors may take part in community events such as health fairs, sporting events, community fairs, parades, etc.


Ambassadors create events and opportunities to share information about autism and Autism Tennessee on campus to help increase awareness, and acceptance for autism. They look for opportunities to create an inclusive campus community for students with autism.


Use your Facebook or Twitter account or your blog (if you have one) to share information about autism, and Autism Tennessee. Encourage your network to support Autism Tennessee by becoming donors.


We occasionally need help with assorted office tasks, and events.


If you have a special talent or interest, let us know!

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Autism Tennessee, legal name ASMT, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible. This statement is not intended to be tax advice.
100% of donations stay in Middle Tennessee to provide Support, Education, and Advocacy for the autism community. 
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