Parents’ Experiences Regarding Sharing the Diagnosis of ASD with Their Child

Working Together to Support Parents of Children with ASD Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York is conducting a national…

Formation of Friendships Study

Undergraduate researchers at Mississippi State University are interested in interviewing college students with autism. We want to know how your…

Autism and the Microbiome

I’m a Research Manager at the Wall Lab at Stanford University, and I am reaching out to you today about…

Second Grade Reading Study

Researchers are currently seeking participants for a Education and Brain Laboratory study. They are seeking 6- to 8-year old children…

IEP Meeting Survey

Participants are being sought for an online survey asking parents and legal guardians of children with disabilities about their experiences…

Movement and Imitation in Children and Adolescents with or without ASD

The purpose of this study is to learn more about the use of gesture to help typically developing children and…

Processing Internal and External Sensory Cues in Autism

How do individuals process internal and external sensory cues? We process information from the outside world using our senses of…

Collaborative Virtual Games

TRIAD is seeking participants age 10-17 years with autism spectrum disorder OR who are typically developing. The study involves a…

Perspectives of African American Parents with a Child with ASD

I’m Alexis McCoy a Ph.D. candidate in the Special Education program at the University of Texas. I am conducting a…

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